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Emalla Round Liner Tattoo Cartridge Needles 20 Count Box

by Emalla
Grouping Size

EMALLA® ELIOT Cartridge Needles - Make Tattooing Safe  

The EMALLA ELIOT CARTRIDGE NEEDLES with a Soft, thickened membrane inside. Perfect tension performance while tattooing, better for lining and shading, even tough fine line works that will bring all the professional artists more surprise. The best choice for professional tattoo artists.

√ NEEDLE MATERIAL: Emalla cartridges needles with high-quality Imported Japanese Stainless Steel Needles, with sharp needle points and neatly arranged, Medical grade PC material shell, more safety than the PVC material.

√ MEMBRANE SYSTEM: Emalla cartridges with soft and strong Flexibility, 4 Thickened Bars for more durability. Large ink storage capacity, smooth and uniform ink discharge. Without ink jetting, the round liner needle can tattoo longer lines.

√ STABILITY SYSTEM: Square-designed plastic bar fixes needles stably, and makes the needle more stable when you are lining. The safety 3 layers membrane design to prevent ink Backflow can better protect your tattoo machine.

√ 100% STERILIZED: The shape of the needle shell is designed according to artificial mechanics, convenient, and cozy for the fingers when tattooing. EMALLA ELIOT CARTRIDGE NEEDLES production and assembled in the most hygienic condition, 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas. 

√ VARIOUS MODELS: Over 300 complete sizes to meet a variety of tattoo styles: Regular, Bugpin, big grouping magnums, and special stipper shader.